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As soon as your baby’s teeth begin to emerge it is important to start paying attention to their oral hygiene and habits. This means brushing their teeth twice a day and paying attention to their diet and sugar intake. We all know that sugar is bad for our teeth, but did you know it is the frequency it is consumed rather than the overall amount that does the damage? For example, it would be worse for your child’s teeth to eat one sweet every hour throughout the day than to eat a whole pack of sweets in one go. The best time for a child to eat sweet foods is at the end of a meal. Don’t forget there is sugar in other things too like fruit juice and squash. It is really important to look after the health of milk teeth as they are essential not only for eating but for speech development, facial appearance and saving space for the adult teeth to grow into.
At this young age your child does not need regular check-ups but it can be beneficial to bring them along to the dentist with you and get them used to the experience. Try to ensure that you are calm and happy during your appointments so that young children do not pick up on anxiety associated with visiting the dentist.



Once the baby teeth begin to be lost and replaced by adult teeth, this is the time to start assessing your child for potential orthodontic treatment. At about this age we can start to see the position of the adult teeth and monitor the growth of the jaw for potential problems. Not everyone will need to have their teeth straightened with braces, but if your child does then we at SF Dental Practice can provide a range of options to help. In some cases, early orthodontics can help to avoid lengthy brace treatment later in life, and avoid the potential for gingivitis to develop, or even prevent the need for facial surgery.



At around the age of 5 or 6 your child’s first permanent teeth will start to emerge. These adult molars do not replace any baby teeth but grow in behind them, many people therefore do not realize that they are permanent teeth and so do not look after them properly. This is the age that you should start bringing your child to the dentist for regular check-ups.
We can also offer services like Fissure Sealants or Healozone on the back teeth, which can help to protect them from decay.



When your children become more independent and are brushing their teeth without supervision, we can ensure that they have a good tooth brushing technique and are reaching all the areas of their mouth. Regular hygiene appointments give us the opportunity to give your teenagers teeth a thorough clean and provide tips on good oral hygiene.
The teenage years are usually when orthodontic treatment takes place as most of the baby teeth will have been lost and replaced by adult teeth. At SF Dental Practice we will be able to advise you on the best time to start your orthodontic treatment, as well as provide you with the different options for treatment. We are here for you and your family at every stage of life.

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