Fixed and Removable Braces

Fixed and removable braces

Fixed and Removable Braces - Healozone
We constantly challenge the status quo to anticipate future needs and deliver innovative solutions to straightening teeth. We work with you to build relationships in order to develop individual solutions for your orthodontic needs.
Thanks to the latest orthodontics appliances, you will be exclusively treated to discreetly straighten your teeth and to improve the appearance of the teeth and face.
At SF Dental Practice, it is now possible for an increasing number of adults to have their teeth straightened without resorting to extractions or having to wear fixed metal braces. Thanks to modern technology, crooked teeth or gaps between teeth can be aligned with the use of invisible transparent appliances worn over the teeth, which slowly but surely straighten the teeth. Every 6-8 weeks the dentist changes the appliance and for most patients within a year the teeth are beautifully in alignment.
Fixed and Removable Braces
If you would prefer to have fixed braces these can also be fitted using almost invisible, tooth coloured or transparent braces.
Depending on the treatment your teeth can be straightened in as little as 20 weeks.
Please feel free to ask us for a demonstration of the appliances described.

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