Stoptober – stop smoking this October

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A powerful testimony from Angie is our contribution to this month worthy campaign

Stoptober – a mass stop smoking attempt – starts on 1 October 2015 for 28 days.

Angie decided to share her experience “Stop smoking is certainly not easy, one needs will power” what does it mean?

“Personally I found that giving up smoking was my decision nothing to do with will power – it all started when I was 17 and very quickly I smoked two packets of Marlboro cigarettes in one day, what would I do for a cigarette! One night at 2am I woke up and realised I had no cigarettes so I walked 10 miles to find a small shop that sold cigarettes.

Coffee and cigarette was a very dangerous combination! ………….

The turning point for me was when a friend challenged me with the thought that a cigarette controls my mind, NEVER I thought, I am in control not a silly cigarette, as the days went by I became more and more preoccupied with this thought – how can I allow a thing to control me????

and this was my turning point ……… I had to stop, now this was 25 years ago.

Have I been tempted YES but it’s more in the mind and I can control it !!!!”

@SF dental practice we encourage people to quit, considering smoking is the biggest cause of preventable deaths in England accounting for more than 80,000 death each year